Chiaki Kuriyama-EN

Chiaki Kuriyama was born in Tsuchiura, Japan. She appeared in the photobooks Shinwa-Shōjo (Girl of Myth) and Shōjokan (Girl’s Residence). She also posed as a model for the child fashion magazines Nicola and Pichi Lemon (1996-2001). Her first recognition as an actress in Japan was for her roles in the horror films “SHIKOKU” (1999) and “JU-ON” (2000). Chiaki

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Karyn Kusama-EN Karyn Kusama is a Japanese-American director and producer. Her feature debut was in 2000 with “GIRLFIGHT” and won awards at Sundance and Cannes. Five years passed she participated in a feature version of the animated MTV series “ÆON FLUX”. In 2007, she directed “LITTLE BOY BLUE” episode of The L Word. Finally, she returned

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