Chiaki Kuriyama-EN

Chiaki Kuriyama was born in Tsuchiura, Japan. She appeared in the photobooks Shinwa-Shōjo (Girl of Myth) and Shōjokan (Girl’s Residence). She also posed as a model for the child fashion magazines Nicola and Pichi Lemon (1996-2001). Her first recognition as an actress in Japan was for her roles in the horror films “SHIKOKU” (1999) and “JU-ON” (2000). Chiaki also appeared in “BATTLE ROYALE”.

Chiaki Kuriyama made her Hollywood debut in “KILL BILL: VOLUME 1”. Other film appearances include roles in “AZUMI 2: DEATH OR LOVE” and Takashi Miike’s “YŌKAI DAISENSŌ” (The Great Yokai War).

In 2010, she released the CD single “Ryūsei no Namida” on DefStar Records. This single was used as the first ending theme for Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. It was followed by “Kanōsei Girl”, “Cold Finger Girl”, and “Oishii Kisetsu” / “Ketteiteki Sanpunkan”. “Kanōsei Girl” was used as the third opening theme for Yorinuki Gin Tama-san and Cold Finger Girl was used as the opening for the anime adaptation of Level E.

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