Jodie Foster-EN

Jodie Foster is an American actress and director. She appeared in several television commercials until in 1968 she became part of the cast in the TV show “MAYBERRY RFD”. In the early 1970s, she made her film debut in the film “NAPOLEON AND SAMANTHA” (1972), a Disney film. Four years later, she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “TAXI DRIVER” (1976). In the next two decades, she acted in the popular films “ACUSADOS” (1988) and “THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS” (1991), thanks to these performances she won two Oscars and two Golden Globes for Best Leading Actress.

Foster directed her first film “EL PEQUEÑO TATE” in 1991. A few years later, she made “A CASA POR VACACIONES” (1995) and “EL CASTOR” (2011), although her last film as a director was “MONEY MONSTER” (2016) and in 2017 he directed “ARKÁNGEL”, an episode for the Black Mirror series. Finally, last year she won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for “THE MAURITANIAN” (2021).

Other well-known titles of her career are “SOMMERSBY” (1993), “NELL” (1994), “CONTACT” (1997), “ANA Y EL REY” (1999), “LA HABITACIÓN DEL PÁNICO” (2002), “PLAN DE VUELO. DESAPARECIDA” (2005), “PLAN OCULTO” (2006) y “LA EXTRAÑA QUE HAY EN TI” (2007).

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