Ingrid Pitt-EN

In the 60’s, Ingrid Pitt was a member of the prestigious Berliner Ensemble. In 1965, she made a debut in “DOCTOR ZHIVAGO”. Three years later, she co-starred in the science-fiction film “THE OMEGANS” at the same time of “WHERE EAGLES DARE”.

She starred as a Mircalla in “THE VAMPIRE LOVERS” (1970) and played the title role in “COUNTESS DRACULA” (1971).

Pitt also appears in series like “DOCTOR WHO” (1972) and “THE ZOO GANG” (1974).

During the 80’s, returned to films and television. At this time, she was popular in horror films with “WHO DARES WINS” (1982), “WILD GEESE II” (1985) and “HANNA’S WAR” (1988).

Pitt founded her own theatrical touring Company and starred in productions of “DIAL M FOR MURDER”, “DUTY FREE” and “WOMAN OF STRAW”.

In 2000, Ingrid Pitt returned to films taking part in “THE ASYLUM”.

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