Mónica Randall-EN

Mónica Randall was born in Barcelona where she studied Dramatic Art and made her debut in the theatre shortly after, in comedies such as “CENA DE MATRIMONIOS” and “PISITO DE SOLTERO”. She was part of the Alejandro Ulloa Theatre Company.

After that, she entered the cinema debuting in “LA REVOLTOSA” (1963) and two years later she starred in “MUERTE EN PRIMAVERA” (1965). In those years, she participated in some westerns such as “LOS HÉROES DEL OESTE” (1965), “LOS CINCO DE LA VENGANZA” (1967) and “SOL ROJO” (1971).

In 1965, she acted in “FLOR SALVAJE” and, from 1968, she participated in several comedies such as “CRISTINA GUZMÁN” (1968), participated in several films in 1969 such as “VERANO 70”, “ABUELO MADE IN SPAIN”, “CAROLA DE DÍA, CAROLA DE NOCHE” y “UN ADULTERIO DECENTE”.

In the seventies, she was able to play some roles in the classics of Spanish cinema such as “MI QUERIDA SEÑORITA” (1972), “CRÍA CUERVOS” and “RETRATO DE FAMILIA” (1976) and “LA ESCOPETA NACIONAL” (1978).

Finally, in the 80’s we could see her in “CALÉ” (1986) and, in 1987, she starred in “MI GENERAL” whose film won the Grand Jury Prize at the Montreal Film Festival that same year.

Randall, did film and theatre, but she combined them with television since 1964 in TVE spaces such as Estudio 1, Novela, Teatro de siempre. In ’73, she presented the program “MÓNICA A MEDIANOCHE” and in 1974-1975 she presented the Tele-Magazine. Later, she hosted “COSAS” which was followed by the program “RASGOS” (1982). Finally, she played Nuri in “JUNTAS, PERO NO REVUELTAS” (1994-1995) and she was part of the cast of “ANA Y LOS SIETE”.

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