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Cristina Caamaño-EN

Cristina Caamaño studied Fine Arts and a Masters in Creative Documentary. His end-of-year project, ‘LA FUGA DE LOS 45’ (2016), was part of the Official …

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Anna Agulló-EN

Anna Agulló is a director and editor, as well as a director, especially of documentaries. ‘UNA CAJA CERRADA’ (2017) won the SGAE Nueva Autoría award …

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Daria Nicolodi-EN

https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daria_Nicolodi Daria Nicolodi is an Italian actress who worked in cinema, theatre and some TV productions, such as the serial story Nicotera and Without a …

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Violeta Blasco-EN

http://comunidadetnor.ning.com/profile/VioletaBlasco Independent filmmaker specialized in documentary film. In 2016 she won the award for Best Direction-Production along with Carlotta Napolitano, Angélica Sánchez, Claudia Zegarra and …

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Sennia Nanua-EN

https://www.pinterest.es/pin/491455378084467756/ Sennia Nanua is a British actress. Her debut was with “The Fight” (2018). She is also known for “Melanie: La chica con todos los …

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Konstantina Kotzamani-EN

https://www.onassis.org/people/konstantina-kotzamani Konstantina Kotzamani was born in Greece. She graduated in Fine Arts from Thessaloniki Film. She has presented her short films at various international festivals …

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Claudia Zegarra-EN

Claudia Zegarra studied Communication with a special emphasis on Journalism at Lima University. She has worked as a television producer on cultural series. In 2016 …

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Carlotta Napolitano-EN

https://alternativa.cccb.org/2017/es/films/hall/cabeza-de-orquidea Carlotta Napolitano was born in Napoli, there she studied Film Direction and Digital Editing, dedicating herself to photography. In 2015 he studied a Master’s …

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Carla Guimarães-EN

https://www.elcomercio.com/tendencias/entretemiento-guion-invitados-carlaguimaraes-fundacionsgae.html Carla Guimarães was born in Brazil and moved to Madrid in 2001. She is a contributor to the newspaper El País and works at …

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Angélica Sánchez-EN

Angélica Sánchez is a journalist from Costa Rica. As a journalist she has written articles on architecture, art and culture for several magazines. She later …

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Pili Groyne-EN

Pili Groyne is a young Belgian actress. In 2016, she won the Award for Best Female Performance at the Sitges Festival, for her performance in …

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Anouk Whissell-EN

Anouk Whissell is part, along with François Simard and Yoann-Karl Whissell, of the Montreal-based Quebec trio known as Roadkill Superstars (RSS). Having produced more than …

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Alice Waddington-EN

Born in the Basque Country in 1990, Alice Waddington delved into photography and fashion design. She worked for magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and agencies like …

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Veronika Franz-EN

https://www.vn.at/kultur/2020/07/28/oesterreich-darf-mitmischen.vn Veronika Franz has been a film journalist, assistant director and co-writer for Ulrich Seidl. Together with Severin Fiala, she has directed the documentary “Kern” …

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Kasia Nalewaja-EN

Kasia Nalewajka is a London-based artista. Her final project at NFTS (UK), ‘PINEAPPLE CALAMARI’ (2014) won the Best Animated Short at Sitges Film Festival.

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Julianne Moore-EN

https://www.sothebys.com/en/articles/actor-collector-julianne-moore-explores-beauty-in-important-design Julianne Moore was born in North Carolina. She studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting from the School of the Performing Arts. …

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Essie Davis-EN

https://www.unitedagents.co.uk/essie-davis Essie Davis is an Australian actress and producer, known for “Babadook” (2014), “Assassin’s Creed” (2016) and “La verdadera historia de la Banda de Kelly” …

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Amanda Gómez-EN

Amanda Gómez graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Ramon Llull – Blanquerna University. ‘DINOSAURIOS’ (2014), developed together with Joaquim Barceló in a documentary seminar of …

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Tanit Fernández-EN

Tanit Fernández graduated in Audiovisual Communication from Pompeu Fabra University. As a final degree project, together with Isaac Rodríguez, they carried out ‘ESPÉS’ (2013), premiered …

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Luna Martín-EN

Luna Martín, along with Daniel Aguirre, is the founder of the production company sietetresochotres. In 2013 they presented the short film ‘EL ÚLTIM ONVRE BIBO’ …

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Juno Temple-EN

Juno Temple is a British actress. She began her career with films such as ‘NOTES ON A SCANDAL’ (2006), ‘ATONEMENT’ (2007) or ‘MR. NOBODY ‘(2009). …

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Valerie Veatch-EN

Valerie Veatch is a director, writer, editor and producer. Her debut was with Me @ The Zoo (2012) at the Sundance Film Festival and, in …

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Jennifer Lynch-EN

Philadelphia, 1968. At the age of nineteen she wrote the screenplay for Mi obsession por Helena, a film she would shoot in 1993. After working …

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Gisela Remolins-EN

Gisela Remolins, scriptwriter of the short Desvísteme del ESCAC, received a Special Mention for this short at the Sitges Film Festival in 2012.

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Amy Jump-EN

Amy Jump is a British screenwriter who wrote the British thrillers Kill List, Sightseers and A Fiels in England. She received a British Independent Film …

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Silvia Subirós-EN

Silvia Subirós studied screenwriting and film directing and completed a master’s degree in creative documentary (ECIB). Her first short film was La Edad del Sol …

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Josie Ho-EN

Josie Ho is an actress and singer from Hong Kong who, after some performances as a singer, has taken a path towards acting as well, …

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Anna Solanas-EN

Anna Solanas was born in Barcelona. She is known for her work on Les bessones del carrer Ponent (2010) with which she won the Méliès …

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Hattie Dalton-EN

Hattie Dalton is a film director and BAFTA winner for her short “THE BANKER” (2005), starring Michael Sheen. She directed her first movie in 2009, …

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Tilda Swinton-EN

Tilda Swinton is a British actress and model. She worked at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh and at the Royal Shakespeare Company in the mid-1980s. …

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