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WomanInFan - Sitges Fanlab Competition Call for Entries

The Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia presents a call for entries to create a teaser short film as part of its WomanInFan program.  

With this competition, this Sitges Film Festival initiative for the visibility and incorporation of female creators in fantastic genre filmmaking invites participants to create a piece destined to be shown around the audiovisual market circuit. And as such, the teaser short film should serve as a sample of an idea for a fantastic genre feature film. 

As a result, WomanInFan expands its field of action to include film production in order to support the work done by female filmmakers within the fantastic genre industry. 

The Evaluation Committee will select 10 projects from among all those presented, out of which there will be a winner. The 9 runners-up and the winning project will have the right to participate in the Industry sessions of the 55th edition of the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia with an Industry accreditation (except for private events). 


WomanInFan – Sitges Fanlab Teaser-Short Film Award   

  • The winner will be able to attend the specialized consultancies of the THE SITGES SUSTAINABLE PITCH LAB seminar. Social Perspectives, Resource Awareness & Pitch as a Tool for Change and Success taught by Valeria Richter & Helene Granqvist. The seminar lasts for two days within the framework of the 55th edition of the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. 
  • 2 nights of hotel accommodation for the winner in order to attend the mentoring sessions (travel, transportation and per diem costs will be paid by representatives). 
  • 1 Industry Pass. 
  • A 10,000 euro budget (VAT included), which will be allocated entirely to producing the winning teaser short film.  
  • Support from the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia in the project’s production functions. 
  • Presentation of the project at the corresponding edition of the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia as part of the Industry section and/or at those venues that the Festival considers most advisable. 



  • The teaser short film must be directed by a solo female filmmaker. 
  • The teaser short film must be fictional and have a fantastic theme (documentary genre is excluded). 
  • The teaser short must be based on a feature film idea, for which the full script will be attached. 
  • Director’s resumé and bio-filmography. 
  • Brief pitch deck with a synopsis of the project, benchmark films and description of the target audience. 
  • Video pitch. 
  • Budget breakdown proposal for the 10,000 euros to produce the teaser short film. 


Selection criteria 

Full compliance with all the requirements of the terms and conditions. Afterwards, scoring will be based on the following parameters:  

  • Project’s originality and coherence: 50 points. 
  • Director’s resumé and bio-filmography: 10 points. 
  • Video pitch: 15 points. 
  • Budget coherence: 10 points. 
  • Project pitch deck (audience, benchmarks, etc.): 15 points. 


Evaluation Committee 

Projects that comply with all the requirements of the WomanInFan – Sitges Fanlab teaser short film call will be evaluated by an evaluation committee made up of:  

  • Foundation’s Director General.  
  • Festival’s Artistic Director.  
  • Festival’s Industry Area Manager  
  • 2 members of the Festival Selection Committee. 


Participation commitment  

All projects selected for WomanInFan – Sitges Filmlab will receive a diploma accrediting them as the runners-up and the winner of the call. 

All participants in the training sessions will also receive a certificate of achievement from the Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia Foundation. 

The winning teaser short film, and in the event that the corresponding feature film is made, agrees to add the WomanInFan logo to both productions, as well as all its/their graphic and promotional materials under the text “With support from WomanInFan – Sitges Fanlab”. 


Key dates 

  • Call for entries begins: June 21st, 2022  
  • Call for entries ends: August 21st, 2022   
  • Announcement of selected project: September (To be determined) 


Call for entries via Festhome.


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