Teresa Gimpera-EN

Teresa Gimpera is a Spanish actress who began her career as a model in various commercials. Later, she made her film debut with the film “FATA MORGANA” (1965). At this time, she made several works such as “NOVIOS 68” (1968), “CUIDADO CON LAS SEÑORAS” (1968) and “¡CÓMO SOIS LAS MUJERES!” (1968). A year later she appeared in “EL LARGO DÍA DEL ÁGUILA” and “LAS CRUELES” (1969).

Gimpera has also made horror genre films such as “LA NOCHE DE LOS DIABLOS” (1972) and, in 1974, she was part of the cast of “DIEZ NEGRITOS”, adaptation of the Agatha Christie ‘s book.

At the end of the 70’s, she appeared in “LA GUERRA DE PAPÁ” (1977) and “LA OCASIÓN” (1978) by Javier Escrivá. After that, she decided to open a modelling school and left her acting as an actress apart from it.

Already in the 80’s and 90’s she returned to act in “ASIGNATURA APROBADA” (1987) and “EL LARGO INVIERNO” (1992).

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